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19th Oct 2016

Council Meets with Board representatives from St Rita's College, Clayfield

St Rita’s College, Clayfield Board Chair, Ms Joan Mackay and Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow were invited to meet with Mercy Partners Council at the October meeting on Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

This was the annual opportunity for the Council to hear firsthand the achievements of St Rita’s College and planning underway for the future. Mercy Partners Chair Dr Ray Campbell congratulated Joan and Dale on the scope of their report and the new initiatives they are introducing for pastoral care and curriculum enrichment and pedagogy.

St Rita's Board representatives meet with Mercy Partners Council
Ms Joan Mackay (Board Chair, St Rita’s College, Clayfield), Dr Ray Campbell (Chair, Mercy Partners),
Mrs Dale Morrow (Principal and CEO, St Rita’s College, Clayfield) and Sr Sandra Lupi rsm
(Deputy Chair, Mercy Partners Council)