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All Saints' Day Prayer

31st Oct 2018

Prayer for All Saints' Day, 1 November

Let’s give thanks on the Feast of All Saints
For those whose efforts have spread kindness, compassion, love and peace in our world.

For the named saints of our Church who teach us the power of faith and the impact of lives lived for others.
We pause in gratitude

For the saints of vulnerable places who reach out to the homeless, friendless and hopeless. To those who walk the way of the Gospel.
We pause in gratitude

For the saints of our workplaces – nurses, teachers, doctors, pastoral workers and many others– who tend to the physical, spiritual and psychological needs of others. To those whose dedicated service shows us the meaning of mercy and compassion.
We pause in gratitude

For the saints of our homes – mothers, fathers, grandmothers, sisters and brothers who nurture children, comfort the elderly, care for the differently abled and work to support families. To those who enrich our lives in relationship.
We pause in gratitude

For the saints whose charisms we seek to emulate in our ministries – Nano Nagle, Catherine McAuley, St Francis and St Clare of Assissi. Their courage confronted the entrenched rivalry and inequalities of their day with a message of love and mercy.
We pause in gratitude

Remind us God of love
That we are all called to be saints
That our lives are holy and our very being blesses the world.