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Remembering Nano Nagle – 26 April 2019

26th Apr 2019

Celebrating the life of Nano Nagle

Nano Nagle founded the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On this day, the anniversary of her death on 26 April 1784, we honour her life and the hope she offered to those in need in 18th century Ireland.

Nano Nagle

"The persons whom Nano knew herself called to serve were among the ‘least ones’ of Cork society. She had to choose to disregard the social barriers and attitudes of her times to assert their worth. To be ‘in the situation of a schoolmistress’ was lowly enough; to educate the very poor, and girls at that, was regarded by many at that time as a wasteful and harmful interference with the decrees of Providence."

– Raphael Consedine pbvm (Fire on the Earth p34)

We send a special blessing to the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Mercy Partners ministries St Rita's College and St Ursula's College.

Through the intercession of Venerable Nano Nagle 
pour into the school communities
the Spirit of wisdom and compassion
the Spirit of faith and service
the Spirit of knowledge and truth.