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Mercy Partners Foundation Day

14th Nov 2019

Mercy Partners Foundation Day, 14 November

Celebrating the People We Are

Connected - Bianca Gardiner-Dodd

On 14 November 2008, Mercy Partners was declared a Public Juridic Person (PJP) by pontifical decree.

We give thanks for the well-lit path laid down by the Mercy, Presentation and Franciscan charisms and celebrate walking together along the path of God’s compassion, justice, respect and hope.

On this day we also celebrate the inter-connectedness and collaboration between all in Mercy Partners, the wider Church and community. We acknowledge the significant impact our ministries have in the lives of the people they serve.

Partnership and collaboration are core principles of Mercy Partners and our hope for our ministries going forward. As Mercy Partners Theological Framework asserts: ‘… because they are partners, their relationships rely more on the formative value of friendship and collective vision than on inflexible institutional structures. The building of partnerships cultivates a diversity of gifts and charisms, embracing lay leadership, and creatively responds to the changing needs of many ministries'.

Interconnection, shared mission, relationships and the recognition of gifts connect all of us in Mercy Partners.

The artwork Connected was commissioned by Mercy Partners and painted by Bianca Gardiner-Dodd to commemorate the opening of Mercy Partners offices at Northgate in 2019.