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Charism is a gift of God, given to individuals to serve the good of humankind.

Charism is “… a lens through which to view the Gospel, in the hope that we will be inspired and compelled to live this call to discipleship”.

Brian Hack

This is a photo of a beautiful coloured stained glass window from All Hallows' School. At the centre of the window is the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus sitting on her lap. The design also includes wattle branches, a shining sun, a boat and waves, and All Hallows' school students.

A charism is grounded in the Gospel and Jesus’ call to act with compassion, justice and mercy.

When a religious congregation transfers a ministry to Mercy Partners the founding congregation’s charism, and their distinctive characteristic values are nurtured and supported through formation initiatives, community events and resources.

There is no doubt that charism is a blessing for ministries providing a special character that is enriching and inspirational. Claude Marachel describes charism as giving people a road map to living the Gospel message by providing: “A story to enter. A language to speak. A group to which to belong. A way to pray. A work to undertake. A face of God to see…”.

Therefore, a charism provides not just a living heritage and foundation stones for leaders to maintain identity, vision, values, and purpose, but also an organisational framework for action and personal connection to God’s mission.