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Strategic Priorities

Mercy Partners have five strategic priorities that inform their decision-making processes and activities throughout the year.

To continue God’s mission, Mercy Partners provides:


Governance, oversight and support for incorporated ministries of the Catholic Church entrusted to our care.


Formation (Personal Spirituality, Governance, Mission and Catholic Identity) for Board and Executive ministry leaders in Catholic ministries.


Collaboration between ministries to respond to existing and emerging.

Strategic Priority 1:   Responsible growth and capacity to sponsor Ministries
Outcome 1.1 Mercy Partners and its stakeholders have a clear understanding of and respect for their sponsorship responsibilities, both canonical and civil.
Outcome 1.2 Mercy Partners’ Board takes action to address opportunities to support ministries with emerging needs for good governance, oversight and support.
Outcome 1.3 Mercy Partners whole of organisation structure meets the unique needs of their ministries and has capacity to support new opportunities.
Strategic Priority 2:   Alignment of capacity and resources to sponsor Ministries
Outcome 2.1 Mercy Partners’ ministries explicitly identify as being a ministry of Mercy Partners.
Outcome 2.2 Mercy Partners proactively reviews its organisational structure to ensure alignment of capacity and resources to sponsor ministries.
Outcome 2.3 Mercy Partners has a documented sustainable model to support the development of new mission leadership resources for its ministries.
Strategic Priority 3:   Formation leadership capacity for Mission and Catholic Identity
Outcome 3.1

Leadership of the Boards and Ministries is aligned with Mercy Partners’ mission and values.

Outcome 3.2 Mercy Partners provides information/access, for Boards and Executive ministry leaders, to formation programs that build confident, effective and mission-driven leaders.
Outcome 3.3 Leaders continue to engage in the Mercy Partners Formation Programs that support leadership, development and succession.
Outcome 3.4 Mercy Partners mission and ministry outcomes are documented and purposefully communicated to all stakeholders.
Strategic Priority 4:  
Identity and relationships with the wider Church
Outcome 4.1 Mercy Partners has established relationships with the Bishops of the Dioceses in which its ministries operate.
Outcome 4.2

Mercy Partners has strong networking relationships with its ministries, PJPs, the wider Church and other Catholic agencies to strengthen advocacy and the ‘Catholic Voice’.

Outcome 4.3 Mercy Partners actively engages in wider Formation forums to influence at a national level.
Strategic Priority 5:  
Ongoing Financial Stability
Outcome 5.1 Mercy Partners has methods of securing revenues that are appropriate and equitable.
Outcome 5.2 Mercy Partners has ICT systems and support mechanisms that are appropriate for the support required by the ministries.
Strategic Priorities
2023-2025 Strategic Priorities

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