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Welcome to Mercy Partners

Mercy Partners is a Public Juridic Person (PJP) in the Catholic Church, sponsoring ministries entrusted to our care by their founding religious congregations.

About us


Our mission is to contribute to the emergence of a world where the healing, liberating and life-giving mercy of God is experienced.

We express our mission by safeguarding the ministries entrusted to our care, helping them to function effectively in accordance with their founding charism.


Our Mission

Mercy Partners mission statement is realised through governance, oversight, leadership support and formation for ministry leaders. We honour the living spirit and legacy of our charisms, and seek to ensure that each charism is preserved, nurtured and reimagined into the future.

Our Mission
Mount Alvernia 2023 - Heroshot

Our Ministries

Mercy Partners is privileged to sponsor and govern ministries in education, health, aged care, community, family and disability services and commercial services.

Each ministry’s mission is outwardly focussed, dynamic and relational. Ministry leaders are responsible for ensuring the ministry is fully participating in God’s presence in the world, especially to those who are vulnerable or marginalised.

Our ministries

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